Russia Fines Google

In the past year, Russia has gone through a massive political change and it was decided that Russia was going to start censoring the internet. This is not the first major country to begin editing the internet, China has had internet restriction laws as well and they have updated the current rules to implement more surveillance on their citizens. Russia has not yet admitted that they want to add monitoring to their restriction but instead want to ban hurtful and malicious content from being viewed by the public eye.

The Fines

So far Russia has only fined Google about 8,000 US dollars, however, it is estimated that Russia will request more in the future if Google continues to ignore their demands.  The EU is now getting involved currently and maybe adding some of their countries to this censorship ban. However, there is also talk about Russia banning the search engine of Google all together. If they ban Google, this could create quite the problem for Google because it would have to change some of its algorithms.

Russia’s reviews

In 2017 studies show that Russia has been weaning itself off of Google and it has been using more 3rd party sources in searches rather than sticking to Google’s advertising. However, this still does not compare to how often the rest of the world uses Google. Google was paid about $95 billion in advertising while Russia only accumulated approximately $681 million.

Why does this matter to me?

What we know for sure is that if Russia still chooses to use Google, this may change the way we see some advertisements here in the US. As we know the internet is a place where distance is minimal and we see things from all over the world every time we log on to the internet. Russia’s censorship on advertisement and products may start to leak into our everyday life with certain products. If you start to see some ads in the future that look a little off to you are some content that is censored you will now know why.

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