Roles PPC Agencies Will Play When AI Reigns Supreme

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to change how we work and the way we live our daily lives. They are also driving automation in PPC, which means it’s time to update strategies for the new modern landscape. Let’s take a look at the role PPC agencies will play now that machine learning and AI are lightening the load…

1.) Agencies Will Be in Charge of Creativity

In order for things to go smoothly, employees are going to have to collaborate with automation. When humans and computers work in harmony, there is no shortage of wonders that can be achieved. Unlike machines, humans are great at creative strategy. Since evolutionary algorithms are based on biological evolution, machines have a hard time trying new things outside of the data they have access to. Humans can mix old and new ideas for maximum impact and creative flair.

2.) Agencies will Teach Machines

Humans are still required for machines to learn, at least for now. We’re the ones who provide the algorithms and training data, after all. Machine learning requires a well-defined problem to solve and we, as humans, help define the problem and shape its desired outcome by setting guidelines on how the machine can learn.

3.) Agencies Will Be the Ones Who Avoid Disaster

Much like automated systems, humans still have to monitor the machine to make sure it’s running properly. Now that AI and machine learning are at the forefront, those working in PPC can stay on top of the most crucial areas of automation and ensure the biggest impact. When machines are doing work for you, you can take a step back and take stock of what needs improving and what does not.
Machines still need humans to get things done. While they certainly are changing the PPC landscape, they haven’t completely overturned it. AI simply allows us to widen our scope and adjust our current strategies for the better. As long as machines require humans for learning and creativity, we’ll be here to teach them.

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