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Rich Snippets & Their Benefits

Rich snippets can be one of the best ways to bump up your SEO game and online presence. But what are rich snippets and how can they help your business? Let’s find out what rich snippets are and explore the benefits that they offer.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets are a name used to describe the piece of markup located in the code of a page which describes to the search engines what information is on a specific page. While this seems like a vague definition, some search engines, especially the major ones, have taken this a step further in that they use this information from the markup to present users with more “rich” results. This allows for the user to get, in return, more relevant and high quality results. These results will be more tailored to the user, as well as have an aesthetic that truly differentiates them.

What are the Benefits?


  1. Eye-Catching Results: Adding rich snippets to your page are truly a way to make your ranking look more appealing to the eye. With the addition of stars, a rating and many reviews, users are more likely to view that page as a credible source and ultimately click.
  2. Click Through Rate: The addition of rich snippets to a page can really increase the number of clicks onto your site, as the appeal to click is very much increased.
  3. “Quality” Results: The results, while not necessarily changed by a rich snippet, are more tailored to what the user wants to see. By coming off as a more credible source, due to reviews, stars, etc., can be a real gamechanger for a lot of businesses, especially local businesses.

While rich snippets are beautiful to the eye, they can also help to push conversion, as well as clicks onto the page. This may seem like it is a very difficult task to implement, however it really is relatively simple and a good way to really put your site over the edge.

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