Rethink Your Paid Content Strategy with these Tips!

Content marketing campaigns require a lot of research, creative thinking, and extensive planning. After all, the prospect of garnering consistent growth from content marketing is incredibly appealing. However, optimizing your content and doing everything right does not mean your campaign will be successful, and that’s the frustrating part. Everything leading up to releasing the campaign can be perfect, but if you don’t also focus on distribution then all of your efforts just might be in vain. To help you avoid such a scenario, check out a few of our paid strategy suggestions!

1.) Build with Gmail Ads

With over 1 billion active users every month, Gmail is a great place to generate buzz with your content. After all, there are plenty of advertising opportunities through Gmail, and it is also incredibly simple to create an advertisement there. To help build your audience, provide free content to people on the mailing lists of your competitors. They are already receiving content similar to your own, so show them why your business is the better option. By utilizing keywords already associated with competitors, Gmail will focus on any users using those same keywords in their emails.

2.) Custom Messaging

Prospective new users can be flighty, so it is important to target them in new ways at different stages of the conversion process. By re-marketing content to them at different stages of the conversion funnel, you stand a higher chance of making them a new customer. If they are bouncing from the site after viewing the landing page, pass along a re-marketing advertisement proposing a new offer. If this keeps them engaging with your site, but not converting, you can continue to send them re-marketing ads to remind them of the benefits received from your service.

3.) Make Sure Your Content is Genuinely Good

Blog posts just don’t cut it. Adding in different mediums, such as ebooks or podcasts, targets different demographics and provides valuable resources for your audience. Allowing your content to be accessed through different mediums is important for helping users convert. Be sure to do deep keyword research and keep consistent documentation of your content strategy. Accompany engaging content with appropriate visuals is always a good idea too.
There’s nothing like feeling all the hope and excitement drain from your body when your content distribution strategy fails. Utilize these tips to help keep that from happening! Content marketing is definitely hard, but it doesn’t have to be disappointing too.

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