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Should Restaurants Rely on SEO?

When business owners think of SEO strategies, a common misconception is that SEO and digital marketing are reserved for e-commerce stores and businesses offering a specific service. The truth is, EVERY business can reap the benefits of a well-planned and executed SEO strategy. One type of business, however, that can especially take advantage of SEO is the restaurant industry. Unlike smaller niche industries, cities like Boston boast thousands of restaurants all claiming to be unique and the best. So, how does a business in the highly saturated and competitive restaurant industry stand out and draw in new customers? With SEO, of course! By working with a trusted SEO partner like Boston Web Marketing, Boston restaurants can capitalize on their digital presence and bring in more diners than ever before, leaping ahead of their competitors! There are numerous ways to use the power of SEO for your restaurant, which I have listed below.

Develop a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a simple yet highly valuable tool for restaurants. This simple free listing allows you to publish your general information, such as your restaurant’s name, address, and phone number, allowing it to be easily found by Google users. On top of this basic information, Google Business Profile allows restaurants to collect reviews, list their menus, provide business and pricing descriptions, publish business and customer-generated photos, and much more!

One can think of Google Business Profile similarly to a social media profile; only it is even MORE visible. By posting regular menu and content updates as well as new photos, Google Business Profile is a lucrative way for restaurants to build digital recognition. Every restaurant should be utilizing a Google Business Profile!

Regularly Publish Blog Content

Blogging is a major piece of the larger SEO puzzle, but what good could a blog bring to a restaurant’s website? Sure, most of your site’s users are there to make a reservation, check hours, or look at the menu, but blogging is a helpful tool to actually get these users onto your site and engaging in your content. Google’s algorithm favors websites that are frequently updated with new content and pages and are never static for long periods of time. By frequently adding blogs to your site, Google will have more URLs to index, and your digital footprint will increase. Above all else, your blog is a place to publish keyword-rich content that aligns with your specific service offerings and the queries that Google users are searching.

Develop Your Restaurant’s SEO Strategy with Boston Web Marketing

The competitive nature of restaurants makes them a busy and time-consuming venture. Balancing customer service, cooking, and experimenting with new menus means restauranteurs have little to no time when it comes to developing an effective SEO strategy. Rather than trying to add digital marketing to your already full plate (no pun intended), contact Boston Web Marketing to develop a tailor-made SEO strategy that can help your restaurant get found organically!

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