Should You Respond to Negative Reviews on Google My Business?

Google’s goal is to understand what users are searching for and yielding them the most relevant results. In terms of products, services, and companies in general, Google wants to recommend businesses that will do well by its users. Since its inception, the search engine has expanded its capabilities and now lets businesses list their company on Google through a feature called Google My Business. As a business owner, one can list their name, address, and phone number, so users can accurately find them. Businesses can also post updates and announcements and respond to Google My Business Reviews left by customers. If you are unhappy with what customers are saying about your business, here’s what you should do!

Understanding the Review Process

To understand what to do when you get a negative review, it’s important to understand what they are in the first place. Google My Business Reviews are 5-star based and allow customers to leave a review of your product, services, business, or really anything they want. As a user, seeing multiple 5-star reviews is encouraging and will make you feel better about inquiring about that business. Seeing the opposite may deter potential customers. As a business, you can publicly respond to these reviews as well. How you respond is largely important from a reputation management perspective and users can even take back or update their reviews!

Overall Tone When Responding to Reviews

As a business owner, try not to take personal offense to the review and truly seek to understand the issue at hand. Always start with apologizing and then provide a personal email or phone asking the reviewer to reach out so you can resolve the issue. Depending on the type of business, a refund or providing a free service for the person can be the best option. The cost of doing right by one disappointed customer won’t outweigh the loss of potential new customers when they see the negative review. If the reviewer doesn’t respond, your public comment will show you trying to resolve the issue at hand, which is better than a bad review with no response. People in general like seeing businesses try to take responsibility and at least try and do right by customers.

Inappropriate and False Comments

With this being the internet, people can leave reviews that are flat out false or even inappropriate. Google has taken this into consideration and you can flag them as such. Google will investigate the comment and the users’ review history to decide if the review violates their policy. If it does, the review will be removed.

Boston Web Marketing Can Help!

We see Google My Business as an important part of any business web presence. It is often the first thing someone will interact with when searching for your business or the product/service you provide. If you need help managing your companies Google My Business page, give us a call today! Our team of SEO and Digital Marketing Specialists understand managing a business’s reputation online and will be able to respond in a professional fashion to negative reviews. Give us a call today to learn more about our online reputation management capabilities and how we can also help you get found quick!

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