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As you may have heard, when it comes to SEO- content is king. If your site doesn’t have useful, well-written content it could potentially harm your search rankings. One of the easiest ways to produce constant quality content is to set up a blog for your site. Providing posts about news and advancements in your industry or a creating a frequently asked questions section are great foundation topics. However, producing quality content is much easier said than done. Below we’ll take a look at a few resources you can use to aid you in the creation and actual writing for some quality content on your site.

1. EvernoteIf you are managing a blog or quite a bit of content it is extremely important to stay organized when writing. In today’s digital age, the classic pen and paper can only get you so far. Evernote is a tool that organizes and sorts all of your notes and research in one simple application. It also allows you to schedule tasks and includes a handy to-do list to help you stay even more organized.

2. Headline Analyzer–  One of the pillars of producing great content is keeping your readers entertained. The first thing readers see on a blog post or content page is the headline. If you do not have a strong headline, it will not draw much interest. There are plenty of articles across the web that can tell you how to write a solid headline, but there is one cool program called “Headline Analyzer” which actually will analyze the strength of any headline you put into it.

3. HemingwayAptly named after legendary writer Ernest Hemingway (known for a concise, yet still profound writing style) the Hemingway resource helps you write more clearly to ensure your readers are getting easy to digest content. One of the main turnoffs for readers is having content that is too hard to understand or just drags on for too long to keep their attention span.

4. Copyscape– One of the best ways to tank your sites rankings is to use duplicate content or to plagiarize from other sites. This tool checks to see if your webpage takes a significant amount of content from another area on the internet, it also will help you see if any other websites are stealing your content. The more unique your content the better.

Of course, these are just a few of a myriad of tools on the web to help you with content writing. Check back on Boston Web Marketing’s blog to learn more about useful tools and just about anything SEO!



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