Creating Relevant and Useful SEO Reports

It can be a challenge for those in the SEO field to produce reports that display the strongest and most relevant data, while also showing information that the client wants to see as well. While your goal is to show clients that your SEO efforts are having a positive effect on their business, it is also important to keep in mind what the clients consider to be a “positive impact”. Below are a few questions to ask yourself before creating your monthly reports:

1. What is our current SEO Goal and how does it match up with the objectives of our clients’ business?

The first step of any task or venture is figuring out what you are looking to achieve. You should be sure to clearly outline your SEO goals for your client. Including business objectives such as “increasing revenue” or “driving more traffic to your store page” is important, but you should also explain why you have chosen these. When you outline what you are aiming for and why you will provide further direction to your report while setting client expectations at the same time.


2. What’s the plan to achieve your goal?

SEO can be a confusing and in-depth subject, which is likely the reason your client hired you to do it for them.  They may ask questions such as “How do you plan on achieving this?”. Asking yourself questions like this and having a clear answer will keep your client in the loop.


3. What has been done so far to help achieve this goal?

Think about all of the work you have previously completed! This is a good chance to highlight SEO goals that have already been completed such as disavowing bad backlinks, optimizing metadata, and much more. SEO clients, like people in general, like to see that their investments are worth their while. A great way to remind them that your efforts are paying off is to create a detailed report which displays your prior achievements.

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