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Whenever I begin working with clients, I like to get the 5 towns/cities they are looking to ramp up their marketing in. With all the search engine optimization work I do, Google Analytics is a big part of this is because it tracks everyone that comes to the client’s website and tells you how they got there.

After about 3 months, analytics compiles enough information where I can look and see the areas we are doing well in and the others we are not. Usually out of those 5 towns/cities I was given in the beginning, only about 2/3 are in their top areas for search traffic. I began advising my clients that a focus in markets where people are actually looking for their service isn’t a bad thing, because at the end of the day money is money no matter where it comes from. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are squandering time in areas where we aren’t seeing much activity.

Ultimately, it doesn’t hurt to follow the analytics.  When you see that you have search traffic in a certain town, hit it hard with your marketing so you can dominate that area and be in the top of the rankings.  Then, start to focus on the towns/cities that aren’t doing so well. It’s better to go after the remaining fish after you at least have some fish in your boat. For more opinions on what to do about your web marketing and SEO contact the team here at Boston Web Marketing.

-George Freeman

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