Reddit: The Super Social Bookmarking Site

Many of us are familiar with social bookmarking sites and what they entail, but some may not be aware of the best ones to join or which ones are most important to contribute to.  For a company who is trying to tackle all areas of SEO, social bookmarking is one of the many avenues that should be addressed and participated in.  With the goal of obtaining more, reliable backlinks to your site, social bookmarking is an easy way to submit your website’s URL to various sources throughout the internet world.  There are, however, a handful of sites that stand out from the rest, and Reddit is arguably one of, if not the most important, social bookmarking resources to join.

Reddit stands out from the pack for several reasons, and in my opinion it can almost be considered the social bookmarking “mentor.”  While it is just like the rest in the fact that you can submit a link (in this case probably a link to your company’s website), it is also something much more.  Reddit has transformed into a real community; it consists of thousands of users who can join together and discuss anything from a funny video to a trending news topic, and anything in between.  Users can vote on links, causing them to be “upvoted” or “downvoted,” and this can play a large role in how visible you are to others on the site.  Isn’t this a great opportunity then to try and promote your business while also creating a backlink to your site?  Reddit truly runs on its community and the connections that people form while discussing various links, so why not utilize this?  As a business owner, you can create connections and relationships with others by promoting your company or even just offering advice on news or issues related to your specific business field.  These connections could lead to future business or referrals, and you also have the added benefit of showing others that you actively participate in and care about your online community.

The investment in communicating and making yourself known will ultimately help you to stand out.  Furthermore, you are able to create your own threads (see how here) on Reddit that are unique to you and/or your business, and this allows others to connect to and learn about you while you also promote yourself.  Just as with social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, comments and communication are key, and although Reddit is different in that it is primarily a social bookmarking site, it does remain unique the fact that when it is utilized correctly, you have a great opportunity to expand your visibility, interact with others, and ultimately achieve more exposure for your company.

–  Casey Guntlow


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