Recycling Old Blogs

A fundamental part of growing content on a website is with the use of a blog. We use blogging to write descriptive and informative posts, to in-return boost our search engine rankings and drive traffic to our websites. After time, if your blog is in a niche or stale industry, it can eventually become difficult to write fresh new blogs each week. An extremely effective strategy to generate new content is through recycling old posts. If you have been writing blogs for some time, I’m sure you have blogs that were in depth, and have received a high amount of traffic.

How To Recycle Blogs

Look back through your blogs and find the highest quality and most visited posts. Posts that ranked well on search engines or ones that received a lot of interaction on social media may be your best bet. Here are some good ways to recycle these old posts:

Build New Posts From Old Ones

One of the best ways to use other blogs is by building off different pieces of them. If a blog of yours has bullet points or listed portions broken up, you can convert each of these into a new individual blog. This will provide you with topics that you can expand upon with much more detail and background information for. You most likely wont be about to do with for every bullet point topic.


Go through your blogs and see if any could be built off of with a follow-up blog. For example, if you already wrote a “beginners guide” blog, maybe you can create a second beginners guide to a separate service that the company offers.


If you have any data driven blogs that performed very well, try turning them into an infographic. People love infographics, and this tactic can help you generate high quality back links.

Rewrite & Refresh Old Blogs

Just because you wrote about a topic 4 years ago, doesn’t mean that you can’t write about the same topic. Times change, new information arises and blog posts can always be beefed up. Instead of forgetting about these topics, write a new blog and include new information, facts, products or studies that will be attractive to visitors. Even refer back to the old post and talk about the changes over time.

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