Reasons Why Users Visit Your Website

During this time, especially, everyone is spending a lot of time online. There have been many articles online other the years examining just how people use the internet. Typically when users go to a search engine, they are searching for something, need something, want to know something, want to go somewhere, etc. In this blog, we will explore why people visit websites and try to understand some of their online behavior. 

They Want to Learn

Today more than ever, people are home and looking for new opportunities to learn. Kids are home from school and learning online, and many adults are following their lead as well. I’m sure everyone reading this has had some sort of learning/training/etc. online during this time. Plus, there are other ways to learn online and limitless topics. Web users are constantly reading and learning. 

They’re Looking to Buy

The retail bug may have bitten you, or someone you know during this time. Online shopping has grown to hold an even larger market share over brick and mortar retail. Ecommerce is the way that most people buy things today. Right now, people are even searching for things online that they’d normally buy in-person. It can be a stress reliever for some as long as they have the budget to do some shopping.

Searching for Entertainment

Once folks are done doing whatever they need to online, many turn to Netflix or other digital forms of entertainment. So many people come to the internet to find Youtube videos, tv shows, movies & more. There aren’t concerts or comedy shows right now, so people are finding other ways to get their entertainment fix. Entertainment is so accessible today. 

Looking for Information

When someone is searching for information, in this case, they want immediate results. Searching for directions to a nearby restaurant or checking to see if the supermarket is still open when you need a pint of ice cream. It could be that you need to have your roof replaced, and you want to know if you should replace it yourself or hire a contractor. Google allows you to compare your options as well as weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself. Information is at your fingertips like never before with the internet. 

How You Can Reach Users

Now that you know why users are coming to the internet, it’s time to get them onto your website. Apply these types of queries to your website and industry. Answer questions that you would have about your product or service. Provide users with information on your website, especially if you sell on your website. If a user doesn’t understand your product, it will be a tough sell. 

SEOs can often have their vision narrowed and get lost in optimizing the website, social media, and performing keyword research. It’s important to take a step back every once in a while and look at your website from the perspective of a user. It will help make you make better marketing decisions moving forward.

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