Reasons To Pay More Attention To Reddit

When the site first came to fruition and was starting to be used, Reddit was considered the “wild west” of the internet. With the platform having a less-than-welcoming reputation, brands have been fickle on advertising on the site due to brand safety concerns. With this and the outdated code on the website, Reddit wasn’t seen as a hot spot for advertisers. However, over the past year, the team at Reddit have gone over a huge overhaul with a redesign of the website as well as tackling some advertising concerns. These, along with the niche audience market the platform seems to attract, the forum based website is now an avenue that should be paid more attention to for webmasters and advertisers. Below are some reasons why you should consider venturing down the Reddit avenue.

3 Reasons To Pay Attention to Reddit

Advertising Management Overhaul

When it comes to advertising on Reddit, the biggest concerns for businesses was brand safety and combatting against the trolls that tend to make up part of the Reddit community. For brand safety concerns, the website’s redesign has been a major step in not only providing a better display of advertising on the site but also gives advertisers control of how they manage the engagement on the ads. Reddit announced a partnership with Oracle Data Cloud using their technology to provide advertisers brand safety controls for managing user-generated content in real-time. While past advertisers rarely voiced any concern for brand safety, this overhaul is a way for the company to show users and marketers that they take input seriously and want to promote an ad platform that is great for bother advertisers and users.

In addition to the look and functionality of the ad features of the site, Reddit has also given advertisers a hands-on approach to manage their ads. The most common issue with ads was the fact that in the comment sections, there would be a lot of trolling by the Reddit community. This would often lead to ads looking less legit which would then hurt the production of the ad as well as diminishing a brand’s name. To combat this, Reddit has disabled comments on their ads. The great thing about Reddit is that it is made for niche markets so brands can feel more comfortable running ads they know will get clicked on based on the niche target alone.

Niche Community Goldmine

As mentioned earlier, as well as being a known fact about Reddit, is that businesses can find very niche markets that could be apart of their overall audience on the forum website. With this information, brands can target and place their ads for these specific targets so they can increase their conversions and attract audience members they know will engage as they are members of a community that takes your brand or service seriously. Just by appearing in the areas of the internet where this potential niche market resides is a boost in your overall conversions. One Reddit advertiser has mentioned the importance of this by stating, “I tend to get a lot of clients that are in the industrial and technical verticals and I have found that Reddit is a place where their target audience – engineers and IT professionals – hang out.” Enforcing that the placement of ads as well as the intent is the key to advertising success on Reddit. The advertiser then states “The key is the offer. These folks are very sensitive about what information they are willing to give,  for example, they are not going to give their information to gain access to a whitepaper, but they will for a schematic.”

When it comes to promoting on Reddit, your best bet is to capture this niche market then when your content and tone is established, up-funnel and broadcast your content to the platform’s largest communities.

The Rising Popularity of Reddit

The forum platform has reported that it has about 330 million monthly active users (MAUs) globally which is higher than both Twitter (139 million MAUs) and Pinterest (300 million MAUs). On top of that big announcement, Alexa has shown that the platform has consistently ranked at the six most visited website in the U.S. with having the longes average time users spend on the site with 10:14. This average time beats out those that are on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is a huge metric to keep in mind, showing that the community takes more invested in reading and engaging with the content that is on the platform.

In addition to these great stats, the site launched multiple advertising options, app installs ads with third-party attribution options and tracking capabilities. Reddit also launched cost-per-click ads and recruited Twitter’s former co-founder of performance ads business which will definitely help the ad features in the future.


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