Readability Can Help You Rank

Earlier this year Google’s Gary Illyes mentioned on his Twitter that if you are not able to read your text out loud, then it probably will not rank either. This is essential for anyone who believes keyword stuffing can still help them. Google is getting smarter, and after the Hummingbird update, Google became a lot better at recognizing synonyms so that keyword stuffing will become useless to Google. So why is readability important? We’ve come up with a couple of reasons on why it’s important.

Voice Search.

Google believes voice search will be more important in the future as people would rather listen than read a long piece of information. Whether or not voice search will excel, if Google is focusing on voice search than so should the rest of us.

Google’s Algorithm.

With Google’s algorithm continually improving, it is slowly becoming more “human-like,” where it’s able to read, scan, and understand texts in a human-like way. Just like how humans assess a page or paragraph by scanning through texts, we are able to transition those words into a quick conclusion on what the article is about, and Google can too. This means, structuring your H-tags and the way you write will increasingly gain more importance.
It’s obvious that understandable and readability content will help people engage with your article better, and the way Google is progressing, simplified blog post or article is the way forward for only to your readers but for Google as well!

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