Ranking Beyond Your Local Location

As a small business or local business, you may find it easier to rank in your location, but you may find it harder to rank outside of your direct location and even in neighboring towns. There is a difference in Google’s eyes there are two different ways of ranking – which are the local pack which ranks by your Google my business listing and local organic which is based on the content on your website.

Targetting Local Organic

If you want to target a local organic ranking in cities or towns that your business is not physically in but it is feasible to get to from cities that are near then your website will need to have service area pages that act as landing pages. If these pages can be created around those specific cities with relevant and informative topics. Your website will then be able to rank there and drive traffic and leads to your website.

How to Create City Landing Pages

A city page or a service area page is similar to any other landing page that you want to target anything specific. These pages work best for a variety of reasons business that has one location but can serve customers in surrounding areas, businesses that don’t have a specific location and deliver goods/services to their customers, and businesses that want to rank in areas their location isn’t in.

SEO Tactics For City Landing Pages


Title Tags

Adding the city in your title tag that you want to rank in. You should also be adding top keywords with the location in the titles on each page. A title tag should always be as close to 60 characters as you can get.

An example of this would be: Keywords in City | Your Business Name

URL Structure

For best SEO practices, it’s best to include your top keywords and city in your URL. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t be stuffing your keywords on your website so just pick your top few keywords and use each one of them on a different page. Your goal is for your URLs to be clean and simple for the user and for search engines.

An example of this would be: /locations/keyword-in-city

Utilize Headers

If you are creating a page that is full of content for that specific location, it’s a great way to utilize headers or h tags to break up your page and let search engines know what’s important on the page.

Include Photos in the Town

If you’ve done work previously in that specific location, then you can showcase any projects with their before & after images, any customers in that location, or a map of the city.

If you still need help with ranking in areas that your business isn’t located in, contact the SEO professionals at Boston Web Marketing. We can help your website get found online with our digital marketing tactics from search engine optimization to website design and social media optimization. For more information on our services, you can contact us online on our website or call us at 857.526.0096.

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