R.I.P. Google Keyword Tool

Since 2006, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, helped point the SEM world into the right direction; now that it is dead and gone forever, the SEM world is non-too pleased, to say the least. Google’s new keyword planner is going to take some getting used to.

During the last week, people have been voicing their unhappy opinions on this new keyword planner on Twitter; here is an example of a disappointed customer:

“RIP: Google Adwords Keyword Tool. The new Keyword planner tool is like a new step-parent that is simply just harder to love. #SEO #SEM.”

One of the main complaints SEO and PPC managers share is that they have to log in to an Adwords account to access the planner.

The Planner only displays exact match searches, and there is no device targeting, no local vs. global monthly searches, and the option to filter by closely related search terms is gone.

Whenever there is a change in anything, you get your mixed reactions; you accept the good with the bad. Like bad reaction, this new Planner has also been a hit to many SEO and PPC managers.

Many people are huge fans of the new features the Planner has to offer, features like: geographic segmentation, and the option to group geographic regions together, allowing SEO and ad managers to gain access to the keyword volume data at the city level.

Users can upload up to 10,000 keywords to get performance data! The Planner allows you to set up different categories so that you can see search volumes on various pages of your site.

As you may already know, Google is always making changes; who’s to say that this Planner isn’t going to change again. Google is always doing something to make the users’ experience as simple and beneficial as possible.

Give this new Planner a try, and see if you’re a fan or a hater. Remember, there are plenty of other options out there that are useful in keyword research.

By Joe Giorgianni

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