Quick Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook is an incredible platform to reach your target market through social media. According to thedrum.com, a 2015 study showed that 52% of consumers are influenced by a Facebook campaign. Is just sending a post to a regular account enough? Learn quick tips to maximize your Facebook post.

The first step you want to take is to create a business account on Facebook. Creating a business account gives you more options to market yourself. When making the account, fill in as much info as possible because similar to business listings, Facebook can utilize the information to help consumers find the right business for them. Make sure to choose a high-quality resolution photo for your profile picture and cover picture to give any searcher a good first impression. Business accounts are an extension page, be sure to post directly on the business pages and not from your personal account onto the business pages.

When creating an effective post, you have to be precise with the message your’re conveying. Have a goal set in mind and add calls to actions, like call now, buy now, or sign up. I know at times you have a lot to say about a product or service, try cutting it down and make it very short and easy to read. Make the most eye-catching post by using including great pictures/videos and using keywords in the title that related to your product or service. Also, add a link that leads directly to your site.

There are tools to help you adjust your post to gain more exposure. You can pin the post to the top of the page to make sure it is the first thing a user sees. This can be useful if you are promoting an upcoming event or product and you do not want to spam your news feed with the same messages. You are allowed to run ad campaigns as well. There is also a really useful tool that allows you to choose your target market through a series of specific categories. For example, you may be running a dog walking business and only want to target clients that are between the ages of 45-65. These options can help maximize your marketing skills and reach your target markets.

After you have posted your messages, be sure to look at the analytics. Looking over the analytics can really be useful because you can figure out what your readers like and don’t like. This allows you to make precise adjustments for your business marketing. 

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