Quick Tips to Improve Your Social Media Content

Social media has evolved from being a primitive marketing tool to a practice that is now taken seriously and embraced by virtually the entire business world. Of course, creating social media content for your brand or business seems easy in concept; you simply advertise your brand the same way you would in any other marketing format. Despite this, to truly get the most out of your social media content, it may take a bit more knowledge or even effort to see the growth that you’re looking for. In today’s blog, we’ll be going through a few helpful tips when it comes to publishing successful social media content for your brand or business, if that sounds interesting – keep reading below for more information!

Are You Using Hashtags?

Hashtags need no introduction to even the most novice of social media content creators, as they are one of the most simple yet effective ways to incite engagement in your content. Hashtags revolve around a word or phrase that helps index your content, for example, if you were a restaurant in Boston, your content would say something like “#restaurantsinboston”, “#bostoneats”, etc. This helps draw in users who similarly have an interest or connection to, in this case, restaurants in Boston. Hashtags can indicate to users what your business entails or has to offer, as such, in your content, try to make them direct yet specific to your brand.

Give Mentions a Try

Fortunately, a “mention” is not social media jargon – it literally means mentioning another person or entity in your content. Also known as “tagging”, like hashtags, mentions couldn’t be any easier to do, regardless of what social media platform you’re using. For example, if two brands were to collaborate, one could ‘mention’ the other by posting something such as “It was great working with [other brand] today, keep up the great work!”, or something like that. By mentioning another person, brand, or entity in your content, you can create engagement from their audience as well.


Geography plays a bigger role in social media content than you might think, as affirmed by the popularity of geotagging, which has become ubiquitous across most social media platforms. A geotag is when a location is referenced in a social media post, and like hashtags, users can use them as an index to orient their search. Geotags can be very diverse, as they can include, parks, beaches, buildings, and even entire cities or towns.

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