Quick Tips To Be An Expert Blogger

Are you a novice blogger or simply new to the SEO game? Interested in finding some quick and easy tips that will get you the clicks you desire? While there are a variety of approaches when it comes to blogs, it is important to stress that depending on the topic you may take a few different approaches, however at the end of the day these tips will help provide a guideline for anyone who may be new to the organic content writing experience! If you are a confident blogger and already know a thing or two about blogs already Click here to further optimize your existing content!

Blogs & Keyword Research

If you want you to ensure that your page shows up high on google search results it is important to incorporate a variety of relevant keywords that are not only pertinent to your blog topic but also to focus on important keywords that potential viewers may be searching for. For this specific article, some important keywords are going to be blog, blogging tips, how to write a good blog, what are good tips for blogging and so on. However, if you are writing a plumbing blog for an HVAC company it does not necessarily make sense to include keywords such as heating or cooling. Even if your business or overall blog site contains a variety of services, products or topics, it is important to stay on track with the specific blog you are writing. Have a bunch of different topics to write about? That just means more articles & content to fill out your site!

Don’t Overuse Keywords

In the same sense that it is important to research high volume terms and keywords, to improve the likelihood that your blog ends up on page one, it is important to note that sometimes too many of one keyword is a bad thing! Depending on the length of your blog, the general rule of thumb is to keep your main keyword under 1-3% of the overall text included in a specific piece of content. While it is important to focus on the main keyphrase, it is also important to focus on alternative keywords that can help users find your content in a variety of different ways.

Proper Header Tags

Header tags are essential guides for Search Engine Crawlers, having relevant header tags not only improves the odds of your blog being found faster. It is important to include your keywords in these headers as it will give these bots a clear idea of exactly what your content will be about. However, just because you include a keyword in the title, it is important that the content below it is also relevant as this can also hurt your SERPs.

For additional tips and tricks for aspiring bloggers, view my in-depth blog on “Blogging Tips & Tricks For Beginners!”

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