Quick SEO Wins

While many are aware that SEO is a long-term investment, marketers feel an immense amount of pressure to display SEO accomplishments for clients almost instantaneously. Take a look below at some quick wins that allow you to show value to clients while waiting for your long-term investments.

1. Include Featured Snippets

Gaining a featured snippet can bring a significant amount of organic traffic to a website. Although it is not guaranteed that you will be featured here, there are a few simple techniques you can follow to maximize your chances. First, go to rankings for queries and look for questions containing “why,” “how,” or “what.”

Next, prioritize your list with keywords that have the highest search volume. Now, to be featured in the quick-answer box, you may a.) add a video that answers the question b.) add additional information that creates value for the reader or c.) provide a detailed answer in a bulleted or numbered format.

2. Improve Existing Content

It is much more challenging to rank new content than to optimize existing content. You can also see big gains from a small time investment by reducing the bounce rate or building on pages that are already converting. Check out Google Analytics to see which pages have the highest conversions.

3. Look at Competing Content

If you have several pieces of content that are similar or identical, combine them and redirect URLs so there is only one page.

4. Adjust 404 Errors

When you notice broken links/pages in your website, redirect the broken URLs to a live page.


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