Quick & Easy Ways to Find Ideas for Content

Creating unique and relevant content is one of the most important SEO strategies we must follow when it comes to being found on search engines. Coming up with an idea that will produce an exciting, engaging post can be difficult. To continue productivity and get motivated for your next post, we’ve generated a list of resources to help you out!


When browsing your news feed, you might come across a page, link or post that could be used for a future post. Facebook gives you the option to save these ideas to use at a later time. Facebook is one of those social networks that we use daily so we have an increase in chances to find interesting post ideas.


This app offers a couple of different ways that you can find ideas for content.

  • Twitter Chats are helpful because you can join conversations with other users that share similar interests at you. Follow or join your competitor’s Twitter chats to see what they are discussing.
  • When you “like” a tweet, Twitter displays it in a list with other tweets that you have liked. Like tweets that are relevant to your brand or business and you’ll have a list you can sort through for your next idea.

Trending Topics

You can find trending topics that users are conversing about on Facebook and Twitter. This can be helpful for content writers that are looking for topics that are popular at the moment.


The main purpose of Pinterest is to collect and organize ideas across your various boards. You can create and pin articles or info graphics relevant to your business.

Google Analytics

If your website is being tracked through Google Analytics, you have a tool right at your fingertips! You can find out the terms users are searching for, the amount of time that is spent on a post and determine which posts you should expand on.

Use these tools to help your brand or business create new and relevant content for your website!

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