Questions To Ask Yourself If Your Content Isn’t Ranking

The first thing we often do when we don’t see the results we were hoping for on search engine results is to blame Google. When our content isn’t ranking or showing up how we had hoped, we blame Google for not giving it the attention we deserve. But what if it isn’t Google’s fault and it’s really yours? Sometimes, the content we are writing is not as good as we had planned, which can be why it is your fault that it is not ranking as well as it could. Take a look below at some questions to ask yourself if you are finding your content is not ranking as well as you had hoped it would. 


Question 1: Is The Content Written Well?

Sometimes, we may think the content is good enough, but Google may value it differently. Take a look at what you have written. Was it written well? Is it good enough for the first page of Google? It may be hard for you to answer this yourself, as you are the one who has written it and may think that it is good. Have someone else take a look at it and see if it answers the important questions you are trying to answer. Your content should be original yet informative to the user, addressing all the points needed. It should be accurate and fact-checked with proper grammar. It’s also important that it is written well, easy to read, and is attractive. Users who are not well-known in the background are looking for an easy way to understand the content, so how you write the content is crucial


Question 2: What Is The Off-Page SEO Competition?

When it comes to SEO, both on-page and off-page optimization are needed. Aside from good content creation, many other technical SEO skills are necessary and take place off the website. Backlinks provide a great advantage to your SEO strategy and help improve your content’s ranking on search engines. These backlinks can make or break your SEO game, especially in competitive strategies such as ranking for specific keywords. Generating high-quality backlinks will give your content an advantage over the competitive world. The strength of your domain and the strength of your page level will help to determine the quality of your site and your appearance on search engines. 


Question 3: Is The Content Organized Properly?

Another important factor to consider when writing your content is how it is organized for users. Is it confusing to understand and read? Google will rank content higher that is easy to read and clear to the user what they are looking for. Is your content able to fit on just one page? Or is it better off being split into different sections and pages? Determining this ahead of time and creating it to the best of your ability will increase your chances of being ranked higher on Google. Most often, Google would prefer content that can be explained clearly and to the point on one page instead of having users search through multiple links to find the answer. Take a look at your content and determine if you have it organized for both users and search engines. 


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