Quality Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website This Fall Season

Summer came and gone and now the holiday season is slowly sneaking up on all of us. In a blink of an eye, it will be the week of thanksgiving. Once Thanksgiving comes and goes, Christmas will be just around the corner. It is a busy time of year for businesses, but it is also an ultra-competitive one. To stay a leg up on your rivals, use these strategies for your holiday content.

1. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

When it comes to local businesses, there are not many aspects bigger than advertising, if any. When you are in a competitive market or industry, The advertising game never really stops. Advertising helps raise critical awareness and can increase sales significantly. Always remember that consumers are impressionable and your Ads can sway them. There are many ways to advertise on a digital scale. Choose an avenue you feel comfortable with.

2. Write Compelling Titles and Headlines

Enticing and unique page titles and headlines will help your SEO, but it can also lead to more clicks. When writing up a page title or headline across your website, put yourself in the shoes of a reader who does not know much about your business. Always try to write page titles and headlines that are as accurate as possible, while grabbing a reader’s attention.

3. Website Optimization

Something website owners often neglect once their website is up and running is their overall website optimization. Since your website is created mostly for users and consumers, it can be easy to overlook how efficient your website is running. Website owners should test their website optimization at least once a season. When it comes to website optimization, factor in page speeds, loading speeds, mobile-friendliness, etc.

4. Incorporate Keywords for The Holidays

If your business has sales or promotions tied to the Fall and Winter holidays, it is imperative to have holiday-rich content filled with certain keywords such as but not limited to “thanksgiving, Turkey, gifts, presents, etc. Having a number of holiday keywords can play a role in having your website and pages rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

5. Be Active On All Social Media Apps

With Social Media continuing to grow and grow, it is important that your business has a presence across multiple social platforms. Social media can help answer consumers’ questions or concerns, promote content or products, and contain links that drive users directly to your website. While many companies have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages set up, Linkedin should not be overlooked in 2021. While many see Linkedin as a place to network for job opportunities, it is a platform capable of much more.

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