Quality Score

A quality score is a list of factors that together, determine your Adwords ranking; the higher the Quality Score, the better your Adwords campaign is.

Below you will find the factors that will determine your Quality Score:

  • Keywords Expected Click Through Rate (CTR): Google will measure this
  • Past Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Display URL: this is the URL that is displayed on the ad itself, make sure it does an effective job in telling both Google and users what the page/ad is about.
  • Account History: this is measured over time if CTR is high
  • Landing Page Quality: make sure content is fresh and relevant; you want content to match your ad.
  • Keyword/Ad Relevance
  • Geographic Perfomance
  • Ads Performance on a Site: also known as display networking; banner of your ad on a thrid party site.
  • Targeted Devices

If you are able to complete this checklist, your Adwords campaign will be in good shape; some factors, like Past CTR, and Account history, will take sometime to improve; however, the majority of the checklist can be completed as you’re setting up your campaign.

Here at Boston Web Marketing, we can set up an Adwords campaign for you, making sure all factors contributing to your Quality Score are fully activated; for more information on our SEM services, please click here!


-Joe Giorgianni


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