Public Relations is Misunderstood by Employers

Perhaps the greatest struggle for most PR professionals comes from the management’s misunderstanding of the role of Public Relations.  Most employers believe that PR is expected to speak on behalf of their company in a positive light at all times but is this the true definition of the role of Public Relations as a business?  If that’s the case then it means that lies, propaganda and manipulation become unavoidable because no matter how vigorous a company is, complications do occur occasionally and it is the responsibility of the PR professional to manage the crisis in a way that balances their loyalty to the employer and to the public.

PR is a vocation that is grossly misunderstood across the board and is possibly one of the professions with the most definitions. People often define the role of PR by it’s most visible strategies and techniques but what they fail to understand is that PR is an operation that involves research, analysis and feedback from the public. PR thus conducts business on two levels: counseling employers or clients and communicating to the public.  But it is not always easy to say to your boss: I’m right. You’re wrong. Directors don’t understand PR any better than the PR professionals. They understand profit margins and company image. This doesn’t make them fraudulent, it just means they think differently.

Good PR takes patience and quality research.  If you have any questions regarding Public Relations or would like Boston Web Marketing to promote your business online contact us at or call 857.526.0096.

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