Pros and Cons of Social Media Advertising

Promoting social media posts can help your business grow online presence and get more customers. Social media promotion is one of the most widely-utilized, flexible, and profitable forms of online advertising. Nearly 51% of the world’s population is on social platforms, and major networks continue growing exponentially. Social media for businesses opens a wide range of brand-building opportunities. It’s a great resource to utilize in your marketing mix, however, marketers need to have a clear understanding of social media’s advantages and limitations.



Social media advertising can be fulfilled with any budget, as the cost is determined by clicks and impressions. According to Ad Espresso, average pay per click cost on social media advertising equals to 28¢.


The social media platform that you should advertise on should be the one that is most popular among your target audience. It’s important to spend time on that platform to fully understand and become familiar with it. Advertising on the platform that you and your audience are most familiar with will give you an advantage.

Supporting Content

You can reach or expand your audience through a selected type of content, such as photos, videos, and website links. All kinds of multimedia will help make your messages more interesting and impactful.


With plenty of demographic and psychographic targeting options available, you’re in complete control of selecting a niche segment who sees your ad. In addition to age, gender, relationship to your business, even political affiliation, you can target interests, hobbies, personality types, homeowner status, and more. You can also use tools like hashtags and unique landing pages to make your ad more relevant which could lead to more profit. 

Build Brand Loyalty

Social media gives a business an opportunity to be more personal with their consumers. Instead of pitching a product or service, social media allows marketers to communicate with consumers and foster long-term brand loyalty. It was found that 71% of customers that had positive experiences with a brand via social media recommended that company to others. 

Easy Metrics

It’s extremely easy to track engagement and reach on social media. Throughout your business platforms, you can see trends in likes, comments, Tweets, retweets, downloads, shares, and posts.


High Competition

Social media is crowded. According to Adweek, over 88% of companies have a social media presence. Thus, in order to compete effectively, you either should invest in quality content or hire a social media manager.


There are no shortcuts to success, and being an effective social media manager requires effort and a lot of learning. Even if you are savvy with social media, there is still a lot to know about paid advertising on social media—many details which, if you get wrong, can result in losing your audience or ruining your reputation.

Constant Monitoring

You can’t run a social media campaign without constantly keeping an eye on it. To successfully engage with your clients, answer their feedback, and consistently post the type of digital content that will get you noticed, you will have to designate a significant portion of time each week to social media ad upkeep.

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