Properly Using Hashtags on Facebook

Facebook is in fact the biggest social network, but it isn’t usually the first place you’d think of to use hashtags. People typically don’t use them there, maybe because they might seem to ruin your reach and engagement. Although, tagged posts perform better than those that aren’t tagged. Using hashtags on Facebook can help promote an event or campaign.

How To Use Hashtags

Hashtags will increase your chances of being found. When you add hashtags to a post, you are opening up your posts and profile to a wider audience than just your Facebook friends or followers. Facebook hashtags will only be beneficial for business pages, not personal accounts. Your personal profile’s posts won’t gain any attention from those searching for hashtags because of most privacy settings.

Hashtags do work great with social media, but then you have to rely on people to find you. If your target audience isn’t typing in your hashtag into the search bar, then they won’t see your post. They can still find you through other methods, but can only specifically find you for a hashtag, through searching for hashtags.

Origin of Hashtags

Facebook users don’t think to search for hashtags, it’s mostly full of ads as a way of getting yourself and brand out there. But why? Facebook didn’t come about into this world using hashtags. When you think of hashtags, you think of Twitter and Instagram, but specifically Twitter. Twitter used the first hashtag in 2007, and basically created a platform around them. When Twitter was first being used, people were using so many hashtags in every sentence of a Tweet.  Facebook, being older, was around before the hashtag movement. Twitter and Instagram also make hashtags incorporated into their platform. For Twitter, there is a trending hashtags page, and on Instagram, there is an option for users to follow hashtags.

How To Use Hashtags Properly

The best way to use hashtags is to choose one that people will remember, and one that people will definitely be searching for. Keeping hashtags short and sweet is your best bet. Make sure it gives your audience a clear idea of what you’re talking about. Hashtags basically categorize your content allow people to engage with your community. Before even using hashtags, you should be searching for them yourself. You’ll get a better idea of who is searching for that specific one, and how many posts are already under it. If you are looking to use a hashtag for something that not many people would be searching for, maybe you shouldn’t add it to your content. When you are using hashtags properly, you are essentially creating online conversation, and increasing brand awareness. By doing so on Facebook, you can bring a lot of attention to your business.

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