Properly Optimizing Videos For YouTube

Believe it or not, but Google is far from the only search engine in the world. The second most popular search engine of YouTube has over three billion searches every month. The number of people watching videos and the ability to market your business on this site means creating a YouTube account and optimizing videos is extremely important.

Within this blog, we will be breaking down the crucial factors which can help get you the best results.

Behind-The-Scenes Ranking Signals

File Name: Be sure to label the video file using keywords.

View Density: While we can see the total number of views that a video has, view density is one big thing that matters to YouTube. If your video receives a large number of views in a small period of time, your likely to get pushed up the rankings.

Meta Tags: Similar to how page titles & meta descriptions are used for web pages, they are also used for YouTube videos. It’s a big factor when determining rankings so be sure they are filled out.

Watch Duration: YouTube previously ranked videos off view counts and comment volumes but in 2012 changed this to the amount of video time watched.

Easily Visible Ranking Signals

Title: The title of a video is 100 character, and be sure to place keywords near the front of the title. Make sure your title matching the video or people wont stay on your video and your watch time wont be high.

Description: Descriptions can be nearly 5,000 characters, but only 150 of those are visible to a user when they enter your page, so make sure they work well.

HD Quality: YouTube naturally prefers HD quality videos over lower quality ones, so if possible upgrade those low quality videos!



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