Proper Use of LinkedIn as a Business

Thoughtful and meticulous management of social media campaigns and profiles has become a massive focus of any business’ SEO strategy. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the platforms on which businesses tend to put the greatest focus, but LinkedIn should also fall into this list. Although LinkedIn is by definition a social media platform, it differs greatly from the standard marketing strategies seen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Resist Making Every Post Sales Based

The goal of a business social media profile is almost always to initiate conversions. While traditional platforms can be flooded with sponsored content, ads and obvious efforts at sales, LinkedIn is different. As a whole, LinkedIn was developed as a way to network, find job prospects and discuss the industry and cultural news. This isn’t to say that LinkedIn is an ineffective marketing strategy. Your LinkedIn posts shouldn’t simply be stating the services you offer and your pricing. Instead, your aim should be to discuss your business model, ethics, techniques and news. This can be just as effective as general ad-based and social media marketing as it drives discussion around your business and shows potential customers that you are doing more than just outwardly driving sales.

Build a Strong Network of Connections

One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn over other social media platforms is the ability to directly connect with your target audience as well as other businesses within your same industry. LinkedIn groups are a great way to find these valuable connections. Joining groups and adding connections allows you to gather information straight from potential clients pertaining to their wants, needs and goals. Not only this, but fellow businesses can learn a great deal from one another and discuss industry trends, etc. From here you are able to tweak your marketing strategies accordingly.

Utilize Links to Your Website

Just as you would on Facebook or Twitter it is important to not only post regularly on LinkedIn but, you should also include links to your website in practically all posts. Highlight your new blog posts, link a service area page, or talk about a specialty service with a link to that page on your site. No matter how you want to draw attention to your site you should include links frequently. What good is a social media post with no way of drawing potential customers to your website?

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