Promote Products Using Pinterest’s Promoted Pins

A few weeks ago, Pinterest added a new search feature to help users find similar content directly on their feed.  interest recently rolled out a new advertising feature that not only helps the users, but it also helps business’ increase their brand awareness right on a user’s newsfeed.

Pinterest’s latest update, Expand Search Ads, is a new feature where retailers can promote their Pins to a user’s newsfeed based off related content and keyword searches.  Promoted Pins are just like regular Pins, only advertisers pay to have them seen by a bigger audience.  Because these Promoted Pins perform better than organic Pins, they help more users discover and save their ideas.

With this new feature, advertisers will have the option to pay for impressions, pin clicks, and engagement.

Promoted Pins also is to stay on a user’s mind, as many users utilize Pinterest to save their ideas, and it is also a way to drive traffic to your site when users are clicking on your Pin and ready to make purchases.

Some of campaigns you can create through this new feature include:

  • Engagement Campaign – tracks each click, close-up, or repin on your Pin
  • Traffic Campaign – tracks for clicks to your website

Pinterest also has an option to create ad groups so marketers can optimize their product using keywords and track how their images are being pinned.

With users using Pinterest to search for new ideas, discover new brands, and share their findings with other users, retailers are able to create and meet new marketing goals through increasing their brand awareness, user engagement, and website traffic by utilizing Promoted Pins.

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