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We’ve talked about Pinterest before and though you may think it is still the same old song and dance, recent changes and adaptions have been made to this social network that could benefit businesses in a big way if utilized properly.  In just two years, Pinterest has gathered more than 10 million followers and active users, and with its continual growth and popularity it has the ability to draw more traffic to a brand’s blog or website than even networks like Twitter.

So, what are the six steps that you should follow as a brand or company in order to really prosper on the recently updated Pinterest?  These strategies are crucial and are similar to those that are used across other boards of social media and SEO, but it is important to remember that the best results will be seen when all are utilized together.

1)      File Names- Be sure to title any photos that you upload with words that are relevant to your business, product or services.

2)      Verification- With its importance already discussed in a previous post, be sure that you take the time to verify your business or brand’s profile.

3)      Carefully Create- As a brand you want to make sure that you are presenting the most professional, intriguing image that you can.  Be sure to only use great, captivating pictures, link your pictures back to your blog or website, and label each board with creative and unique titles rather than those that are dull and basic.

4)      Add a Pinterest Button- Be sure to add a button to your website or blog and also link your profile to your other social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter.  Make it as easy as possible for new and different audiences to find you on this network and check out your brand’s boards.

5)      Acknowledge- Be sure that you are showing your appreciation for other Pinterest users and potential new customers by re-pinning and liking various pictures and boards.  This ties into how you maintain a positive online reputation and allows other users to see that as a brand you are invested in interacting with others.

6)      Utilize Analytics- One of Pinterest’s latest additions is an analytics function that you are able to use once you have completed the verification process.  Be sure to check out these numbers and determine whether or not your current profile and behaviors are bringing in new and valuable visitors and traffic to your website, blog, store, etc.  Use this function to your advantage and adapt in new ways that could bump up positive conversions further.

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