Private Search Is Finally Coming to DuckDuckGo’s Mobile App and Browser Extension

Did you know there is a search engine known as DuckDuckGo that is strictly focusing on protecting the users’ privacy and search history? On the other hand, Google and Bing track your information using cookies and sells them to third-party buyers. So, DuckDuckGo is finally going mobile by bringing its privacy function to its mobile app. Now, users can search privately from the address bar.
Prior to the release of the updated app, DuckDuckGo was previously limited to the search bar on With the update, users can use the privacy function whether they are surfing the web or searching for information.
Also, the updated app provides a built-in tracker network blocking and smarter encryption. Users will now be exempted from any tracking used by any advertising networks.
In addition to that, when you visit a website, the updated DuckDuckGo app now shows a Privacy Grade ranging from A to F. Users can now even look deeper into the rating to see exactly what was found on the site.
With these upgrades, DuckDuckGo is enhancing its privacy feature that has attracted more than 16 million users worldwide to use the search engines. They claim that their privacy protection is stronger than other private browsing modes in other browsers.



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