Should I Start Prepping My Digital Marketing Strategy For The Summer?

Many love summer for its outdoor adventures and family time. Businesses can tap into this energy with targeted marketing strategies to attract customers during the season. Adapting marketing tactics to reflect the unique characteristics of summer, such as increased outdoor activities and family vacations, can help businesses connect with potential customers effectively. In this FAQ, we will explore the advantages of posting on social media this summer and when you should start planning those posts.

Plan For The Summer Holidays

Summer kicks off and wraps up with two big holiday weekends, with another major holiday in between. Memorial Day weekend, at the end of May, marks the unofficial start of summer and is ideal for launching summer sales and promotions. Midsummer, around the Fourth of July, is perfect for themed promotions tied to the holiday celebrations. Finally, Labor Day weekend in early September offers a fitting occasion to either conclude summer promotions or introduce a final burst of sales. During this time, the weather is warm and people are smiling. People want to see new and relatable posts on their feed and from a business perspective, we want to gain new loyal followers.

Prepping Social Media Calendars For Summer

Planning ahead for your business’s summer marketing efforts, even months in advance, can offer a significant advantage over competitors. Understanding when to begin this process is key; these essential tips can guide you. Analyzing your customers’ purchasing behaviors from previous summer seasons is crucial to inform your strategy effectively. We recommend looking at your follower patterns from last year to gauge when to start rolling out that summer-specific content. One way to plan for summer posts is by creating a social media calendar. This can be a collaborative effort with your team and is easily editable. 

Back-to-School Marketing

As summer starts to close, you also want to be prepared for back-to-school season. This is industry-specific, but understanding your audience and laying out simple promotional strategies can positively impact your social media. Elementary and middle schools typically conclude their academic year in late May or early June and resume classes in late August or early September. Colleges usually finish their spring semester in early May and commence the fall semester in mid-August.

Work With Boston Web Marketing This Summer For Social Media Management

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