Preparing Seasonal Search Engine Optimization Content

With a number of my customers I notice that most of them have businesses that vary by the season and by that I mean they offer different services or products for a certain time of year.  At Boston Web Marketing we work with our clients to game plan which services are most important to stress during the appropriate season.  For example I have a client who is a general contractor; his profession offers an abundance of services for people in the fall, winter, spring and fall.  So when I first started working with him I had him write out a list of his services for each time of year that are his peak jobs for those seasons and I would help him put together keywords for each.  Having this information is vital because then I could put his marketing in a pattern that follows the seasons and there for when someone is searching for a season specific project, his site will be well optimized for it.  For example fall is here now, but I started optimizing his site at the beginning of August to be ready for the change in seasons from summer to fall.  So now when someone is searching for fall landscaping or hydro seeding grass, he’ll now start to be found for those keywords.

Timing is key with SEO, this is because Google has millions of websites to sort through and index each day that it takes on average up to 3 months for a site to be properly read and indexed.  Be sure to contact Boston Web Marketing for any other helpful tips.


-George Freeman

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