Preparing for the Facebook Graph Search

As a business owner, how are you going to get your business found on Facebook? We will discuss some of the prerequisites Facebook requires in order for your business to be found, and some of the strategies you can use after you succeeded with the prerequisites.

Let’s go over the prerequisites first:

1.) Facebook Graph Search will be offering local search options. Which means, if someone’s profile says they are from Framingham, and they search for hair salons, all the hair salons in and around Framingham will pop up first. With this, you should make sure you have your address, and city/town updated to your Facebook page.

2.) Search results will be created with a combination of information provided and shared by the business, and connections of the person doing the search. This means that you have to have friends, people who like your page, check-ins, etc. It is kind of like a snowball effect: you, as the business owner start with the information, you pass that down by getting friends and likes, then the people who friend or like your business are then able to pass that down to their friends who will find your business based on association. For example: you own a beauty salon in Weymouth, you add all your business information (address, phone number, about your company, etc.) I go and like it. Since I liked your page, all my friends on Facebook can see that I liked it, and if they search for salons you will come up because I liked your page.

3.) It is recommended that you create a Facebook page for your business. But if it really isn’t your “cup of tea”, people can still find you on Facebook when they do check-ins, or add you as a place.

The Facebook Graph Search will return, “The top search suggestions, including people, pages, apps, places, groups, and suggested searches.” If you want to be found near the top of Facebook, it will probably be a good idea to include all of these features.

This new search will allow Facebook users to perform searches like: Chinese restaurants my friends have been to (this is where checking in comes into play). Or nail salons that my friends like (which will show the different nail salon business pages your friends like). Finally, the local search: “hotels near North Station.”

Here are three strategic tips that will help you fully optimize your Facebook business page, and help you figure out this new Facebook Search algorithm:

1.) In the “About” section, make sure you share your business name, category, URL, and information, as this will help people find your business.

2.) Make sure you address is updated on the business page, and any other local or places page. This will help you get found for specific location searches.

3.) Be sure to attract the right followers, and provide these followers with a reason to interact with you and the content on your page on a regular basis.

As we tell all our clients, social media, especially Facebook, has been increasing in importance. Facebook has millions of users, it is important to make sure you accommodate as many users as possible. Fully optimizing your page with address, information, pictures, followers, friends, etc. can help prepare your business for this new search algorithm. It can also make the difference between you and your out of date competitors!

By Joe Giorgianni


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