Preparing E-Commerce for The Post-COVID World

COVID-19 has altered life as we know it, and it’s unlikely to stop doing so anytime soon. E-commerce shopping is an excellent example of how things have shifted and in many ways. The rate of transformation in e-commerce since the COVID-19 outbreak has been relentless. Supply chains are under stress for many brands that are selling online. How do you best handle expectations and maximize every opportunity to sell to your target audience?

Pay close attention to changing on-site search behavior

Periodically checking in to understand how and what your customers are looking for once they get to your store can reveal many opportunities. It’s possible that before COVID-19 took a force on everyday life, customers had different circumstances in mind when seeking your products. For example, searches for “gloves” today vs. back in January are probably visitors looking for two separate products entirely. It’s essential to guarantee that you’re serving today’s customers sufficiently and addressing their context correctly to remain relevant and to improve conversion.

Add an “in stock only” filter

Staying on the subject of store stock and managing a chaotic supply chain, an easy but appreciated feature is to add an “items in stock” filter. Letting customers browse items they’re able to get their hands on fast will go down well and increase conversions on your site. Another advantage of adding such a filter is the ability to bring light to other lines that are usually dominated by more popular products. Taking this a step ahead, you could also assist your customer’s experience by adding a filter for products expected to arrive within a particular timeframe or filter out those that can be back-ordered.

Add an “email me when back in stock” call to action

If you are a retailer who is struggling to get stock of popular lines, there’s a possibility you’re not the only retailer with that dilemma. Even though it might not be possible to get stock any faster than your competitors, you can guarantee that you’re the first to let potential customers know it’s back in stock.

Find creative ways to connect with your audience

Finding ways to be creative and engage with your audience is essential to staying relevant, especially if your customer’s cash is heading elsewhere. Engaging with your audience over social media will bring them to your site. Stay relatable and post relevant content! Customers want a company that is responsive and pushes out content that pertains to them.

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