PR Ideas For The Holiday Season

It’s December 1st which means the holiday season is right around the corner! Here are some ways to improve you company’s public relations, whether you are trying to market a product or just spread joy in your community. Building good PR is part of creating brand awareness and brand loyalty.

  • Provide an interactive social experience. You have a tool to engage all of your customers already. It’s social media! Use it to your advantage by having users submit photos or videos for you to post. Other ideas include caption contests and give -a-ways for liking, commenting and sharing your post.  This is a great way to gain brand awareness.
  • Combine contests and events. If you are already having a free give-a-way or raffle for prizes, why not take it to the next level and have an event sponsored by your own company? A contest is a great way to get your customers engaged and an event will help you network and acquire new potential leads.
  • Make people feel good. Putting a smile on someones face should be easy right? Get creative and help the community. This varies greatly depending on the industry you are in but to give you some ideas, check out this post about creative PR ideas for the Holidays.
  • Give gifts to your community. This ties in with making people feel good during the Holidays. For example, in 2012, Kleenex monitored social media for anyone mentioning that they didn’t feel well and sent the first 50 people Kleenex Kits to help them feel better. It did not go viral but it did get them a lot of fans. It’s one of the reasons they have over 300k followers on Facebook!

Depending on your business and your industry, there could be dozens of different ways to engage your customers online. Get creative and take advantage of the Holidays!

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