PPC vs. SEO: What Is Right For You?

Choosing between SEO and PPC is difficult for many small business owners. Both use strategies that work for both long-term and short-term growth. In simple terms, organic traffic comes into your website from rankings in search results driven by SEO. PPC comes from paid placements on search engines and social media, resulting in short-term bursts of traffic. 


Benefits of SEO


Increases ROI for Long-Term Results

Utilizing SEO strategies for search engine results will increase your return on investment due to the long-term, lasting effects of SEO. It is straightforward to see when your SEO strategies are working based on the analytics. Nearly 90% of marketers say that SEO has successfully boosted their traffic for extended periods. 


Greater Awareness through Content

One of the most significant aspects of focusing on organic traffic is sharing valuable and unique content. When you create great content, it helps to get your website noticed for various search queries. This means that you can see boosts in traffic, leads and revenue, and search engine result page rankings. 


Benefits of PPC


Instantaneous Results

One of the most significant benefits that paid ads brings is that results are achieved much faster, which can be helpful for brand new businesses that may not have a robust online presence – or any at all. SEO tactics often take time to start working, whereas paid ads boost traffic as soon as you start using them. 


Can Fit Into Any Budget

Paid ads are easy to track and can be successful at any number, and there are tons of options and flexibility. You can easily plan out your budget ahead of time with paid advertisements. You can also adjust your spending based on how successful other methods may be. Whatever your company is looking to spend, there is always the option with the flexibility of paid ads. 


PPC or SEO? Use both! 

The main difference between SEO and PPC is price and speed. SEO increases organic traffic using organic methods, whereas PPC is utilized by running paid online ads on search engines. In most cases, organic and paid mechanisms are best to increase short-term awareness and long-term traffic. Using PPC and SEO is the best way to increase your short- and long-term success awareness. At Boston Web Marketing, we can simultaneously provide you with these methods to give you the best results. Contact our team of experts at BWM to get started! 


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