Point, Purpose, Path: The 3 P’s of Content Writing

What can you do to engage your readers so they interact with your content?  You write easy-to-understand text that breaks down your subject matter enough to attract and capture their attention.
As content produces, we are the industry experts, and the user found our content seeking more information.  When it comes to writing thoughtful, relevant pieces of content, here are three main questions you should ask yourself before you start typing away.
What’s the point?
The content you’re writing definitely has its benefits of helping you rank higher for keywords and niche services you want to be found for.  But why does your audience want or even need this piece of content, and how does it help them?

Write insightful pieces of content that not only benefits your website’s rankings, but also gives the user a better understanding of why they landed on your website as well as what intrigued them about a particular blog’s headline, and how you can be of service once they’ve finished reading.

What’s the purpose?
The purpose of why you’re writing ties into the point of your piece, but the main question you want to focus on is “how does this content play into your overall marketing strategy?”

Create a content marketing strategy to help you better produce content relevant to your services. Marketing planning helps you develop services in your business that meets the needs of your target audience, boosts your customer base, and sets yourself apart from the competition.

What path do you want the audience to take?
Okay, so now that the user found your website, clicked on your blog, and took the time to read the content, what is the line of direction you want them to take on the rest of website?  Should they read other blogs?  Should they sign up for a newsletter?  Should they contact you?

Establish a defined path of action for your audience to take once they’ve finished reading the post.  Every post should include a call to action, or contact form, as well as featured blog posts to check out more content on the site.

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