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Podcasts have been an underrated SEO strategy for many years. From Youtube videos, to blog posts, many individuals have searched for an alternative form of content to add to their sites. Podcasts can be a huge way for you to increase your reach, as well as increase the content in different ways. We will learn a little more about this later. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that podcasts can benefit your SEO strategy today.


While reviews would be great anywhere, especially on your listing sites, we find that podcasts are a great way to get some more reviews. These reviews can be used to your advantage. A review such as this most likely contains your business’s name, which can also help you out in the sense that reviews can help you to gain personal branding as well as domain authority on the web.

In a different way, reviews can also be used for other purposes, including adding schema markup to service area pages, as well as marketing purposes.


With a podcast, you have the opportunity to reach a larger audience quicker than you could have ever thought. Similarly to networking socially, we find that podcasts increase reaches among audiences by using a few different strategies. One of these ways is by adding guest speakers. Similarly, you can use name promotion. Alongside both of these ideas, you can also use a podcast to become the main authority for your niche market, meaning that you will have a lot more authority than before.


One of the ways that you can use your podcast to influence other forms of content is by transcribing the content into a blog post. This blog post can then be used on your site, meaning that you have more keywords used and that the content is continually flowing through your site.

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