Useful Plugins To Improve The Speed of Your WordPress Site

Is your website slow to load? Not only is this incredibly frustrating for both you and your visitors, it is also a ranking factor on search engines. Site speed can influence your bounce rate and your click thru rate (CTR) as well.


Google even recently released a tool that lets users test their mobile website speed as well, which gives you an indication on how many visitors you may use do to a slow loading site.


The most common suggestions on how to speed up your site are usually “install caching” and “compress your images.” But how do you accomplish this?


If you utilize a WordPress website there are plugins you can use to help you improve site speed using these techniques.


Caching Plugin:


A great plugin for your WordPress site is called WP Super Cache.  After your install and activate this plugin make sure to go to the settings and turn the plugin on. This plugin makes your site load quick for repeat visitors.


Image Compression:


Compress JPEG & PNG images. This is a plugin that works wonders when you need to compress images on your site. If you run an image heavy site, compressing images makes your image files smaller and will speed up your site speed on both your mobile and desktop site.

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