Pinterest Rolls Out Buyable Pins!

A few months ago, we announced that Pinterest was in talks of rolling out a ‘one-stop-shop’ option for their platform – and now it is officially here! You can now buy any Pin product with a blue price tag attached to it – in just two clicks!

Businesses can now make it even easier for their consumers to buy their products online. As a business owner, this just gives you even more reason to have a Pinterest account for your business. Allowing your current and potential customers to buy your products in just two taps on their phones or desktops sets you ahead of the rest of the other businesses!

IMG_4027In addition to the ‘Pin It’ button you see on the top of all pins, you will now see a blue ‘Buy It’ button on products that are allowed to be sold via Pinterest. This is a huge step for Pinterest because it is considered one of the most interacting social media platforms out there. Businesses can now collect much more data on the people who pin their products, as well as who buys them. This type of information is critical for companies that use Pinterest as a sales and marketing tool!



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