Pinterest Moves Into Paid Search Platform

It’s finally here, Pinterest has finally announced its move to self-serve paid search platform. So, how does Pinterest PPC work and how can advertisers get started? We explain.

What should we take notice of on Pinterest PPC?

Although some will be keen on tackling the Pinterest paid search platform early to get ahead of their competitors, some may need convincing to believe this will be a genuine platform to help sell their products. Nevertheless, Facebook faced the same situation and had excelled.
Here are some key points that may interest you:

  • Over 95% of Pinterest searches are non-branded
  • There are now over 200 million Pinterest users (150 million more in 2016)
  • More than 2 billion searches take place on Pinterest each month
  • 75% of all Pins saved by users come from businesses.

Pinterest ads promise more sophisticated targeting and natural feel to its promoted Pins which will potentially help brands attract much higher engagement rates.

Some ideas borrowed from AdWords

It is not surprising to see Pinterest paid search platform moving into PPC advertising, as Google has done a great job at delivering search experience and making a lot of money from the data.
With Google and Facebook already establishing themselves as the top paid search platforms, Pinterest can mimic these two giants and work on improving its visual search technology which could make a huge impact on the digital marketing industry.
It will be interesting to see how impactful and open this platform could be to all marketers.

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