Pinterest Introduces New Search Features

On Wednesday, Pinterest rolled out three new features to making “Pinning” that much easier!  All of these new features enhance the user’s search experience by enabling them to search for items when they don’t have the words to describe what they’re looking for, find ideas based off items from their home feed, and be able to purchase those items within the app.


Lens is a mobile app that uses a phone’s camera app to recognize physical objects and pull in related items from Pinterest using keywords and relevant tags.  Pinterest designed Lens as a way for users to replace keyword searches with images.

The Lens camera focuses on objects within the picture frame and presents relevant “Pins” associated with the objects.  It will pull in colors and styles,  This is great for findings outfits, decor, and food recipes that you’re seeing in real time.  This feature also shows products available to purchase from brands such as Target, Wayfair, and Macy’s.

Instant Ideas

Pinterest also introduced “Instant Ideas,” a white circle in your home feed that when tapped, it will show related Pins.  This feature reshapes your newsfeed to around what is most relevant or eye-catching for the best user experience.

Similar to the old feature where selecting an image on your home feed and being brought to another section on the app or site, Instant Ideas shows you relevant Pins right on your home feed without taking you elsewhere.

Shop The Look

Pinterest is a great way to pick out your outfits and design your wardrobe, but this new feature allows users to track down and purchase products on fashion and decor Pins.

Users can purchase items online using the “Shop The Look” feature by tapping on individual Pins and items that appear will show where you can shop the look.  The app allows you to add a shopping cart and purchase within the app.  This feature is also great for businesses looking to attract new customers.

Instant Ideas and Shop The Look are now available on mobile devices and on the website.  Lens will soon be available on mobile within the coming weeks.

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