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Pinterest Improving User Experience with Video Option

The DIY and hobby social media website is gearing up for big changes. It was recently announced that Pinterest took on a new hire from Snapchat to analyze the effectiveness of Pinterest’s advertisement options. Now it’s announced that after some trials, the company will be making a big push to add a video feature.

The video feature will be available first to businesses and experts across all industries. The idea is for experts and companies to post How To videos, reviews of products, and in other helpful tips and tricks. Based on the statistics, there was a 60% increase in the number of videos saved across the site over the past 12 months — a large enough increase to tell developers that a permanent solution is needed.

How to Take Advantage of Pinterest Videos

First things first, the social site need to make drastic improvements to their search feature to allow for videos. They will also be implementing recommendation technology (much like that of YouTube), so that users can find out more information about what interests them.

Pinterest may have the monthly user numbers to feel comfortable, but they are lacking when it comes to generating revenue for the site. With video technology, the site will be able to include paid advertisements before a How To video. The site also features promoted pins and has even added an e-commerce feature. As a company or industry expert, this is a great opportunity to both test your skill in your trade and expand your audience.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Countless studies have shown that more users are inclined to take action (buying a product or service) after they’ve seen a video, as opposed to after being exposed to a text or photo ad. Videos are dynamic, flashy, and give more companies time to explain their product or service. Video marketing may not be the cheapest route, but it’s the most cost effective when you think about improving brand awareness and expanding your audience. Pinterest’s redoubled efforts to push for videos, along with the hiring last month of Gunnard Johnson from Snapchat, is sure to propel Pinterest into a money-making social media site that will rival Facebook and other video-friendly platforms.

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