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You have a Facebook account a Google+ account and Twitter.  What else should you do to help maximize you businesses online exposure?  The hot thing right now in social media is Pinterest.

Do your customers like your product?  Would other people be interested in it if they could see it?  Pinterest might provide the help you need to get more people to see and learn about what you do.

Imagine the bulletin board in your kitchen or office.  Now put that online and let other people see what you like and are interested in.  The “hmmm, that looks good” or “oh yeah, I need one of those” experience now offers you a place to store that info and possibly create even more referrals.

Pinterest is seeing a major surge in popularity bringing over 7 million people to its site in December alone.  That’s good traffic.

Currently, Pinterest requires an invitation to join, but you can ask for one when you first visit the site.


-Donald MacMelville

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