Pinterest Announces Ad & Taste Graph Updates

Pinterest recently announced changes to its search ads program, less than a year after launch. Ad placement will now be available to advertisers through the Pinterest Ads Manager, a self-serve ad tool. Placements were initially only available through third-party or direct sales. Brands can also add keyword targeting through exact, broad and phrase matching. Pinterest is also offering an option to have their algorithm target relevant queries that may or may not contain the brand’s keywords. The update also brings the addition of negative keywords to keep your content from appearing alongside content that does not match your brand.
The new targeting option may prove useful to brands because almost all searches on Pinterest do not include a brand name. Searches on the social network include broader keywords, from types of products to general services. This makes your posts more difficult to find and makes standing out more vital in the visual landscape. The data that lead to this change was brought on by Pinterest’s Taste Graph, an intuitive collection of links that evolves to better enhance user experience. Pinterest rolled out the insight tool last month, making it easier for businesses to target potential customers looking for a range of products and services.

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