Picking the Right WordPress Theme

WordPress is one of the most commonly utilized content management systems thanks to its user-friendly interface. Regardless of this, launching your new website can be an intimidating task. Between choosing domains and hosting, installing plugins, etc. there is a long list of requirements when it comes to perfecting your site design. On top of this, picking the actual theme and design of your website is one of the most important steps before your official launch. WordPress offers thousands of different theme options all of which serve different purposes and layouts; today’s blog will be focusing on how you can properly determine the best theme for your new website.

Why Is Picking the Right Theme So Important?

Sure, an eye-catching theme is important, but your website can benefit far beyond just a theme’s visuals. As you are likely aware, mobile optimization and load times are both huge factors when it comes to Google’s website rankings. It is important to select a theme that can easily be modified for desktop, mobile and tablet optimization in order to avoid potential penalties from Google. Beyond this, it can be very tempting to select a theme that boasts sidebars, buttons and other interactive elements. Although this may appear to look professional and appealing an overstuffed website can be adversely affected by poor overall speeds and, in turn, be ranked poorly by Google.

Think About Your Site’s Must-Have Features

Before you even get started on picking your theme, sit down and determine exactly the layout and features you feel your site needs. Do you want to feature an image carousel front and center? Maybe you are looking to break the site up into three columns on the home page. Once you decide on a layout you can filter themes based on subject, layout, etc. If you are having trouble thinking of layout and feature options you can always compare well-designed sites and see what you feel does and does not work. Just remember, while it is fine to take inspiration from a different site design your own site should be 100% original and unique.

Test Multiple Theme Options Before Settling

The very first theme option you pick most likely will not be your best option, but this is fine! Test multiple themes and see which best fits your site’s tone and future content before your site is published. Build out sample pages with images, links, clickable content and so on to ensure your theme is compatible with any future site changes you may make.

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