Picking the Right Domain for Your Business

Your domain name is a key player in terms of generating search traffic, both as the location for your content and as the first visible thing people will see when searching for your business. There are more options for choosing a domain than there have ever been, but there are still some steps you should take in order to make sure you have the best domain name for your business interests.
When picking a domain name, you should start by coming up with a list of keywords that best define your business and your search goals. Find a combination that works together and makes sense, something easy for customers to remember. It should stand out in order to generate interest without being too distinctive. Alternative spellings can confuse visitors and lead to a loss in potential traffic. Having a .COM domain builds up visitor trust. While you will still drive traffic with a .net or .org, a .com address will build audience trust faster. Your domain should be short, simple and memorable: your audience may not return if your URL is long-winded and difficult to type out. Shorter URLS are also easier to display both on and offscreen. It should clearly and concisely explain your business, while a cool name may stand out, it takes a lot of marketing resources to gain a following. If you do go for something that stands out more, make sure you use the correct branding to gain the audience you’re looking for. If you have trouble thinking of the perfect domain, there are plenty of tools online to help you out.
Your domain is the first thing people will see in search results about your company or industry. By taking time and picking the one that reflects what your business is, you can attain your goals and the proper audience.

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