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Google is getting better at understanding the steps that their users take while going from showing  interest in a topic—filing in the Google search box—to having intent to click a link and use a site’s products or services.  This is due to the increased personalization of Google’s search results.  Google’s Search Plus Your World feature is one way that Google personalizes your results.  It draws personal information about what you and people in your Google+ circles are talking about and +1ing on Google+.

Another way that sites can take advantage of new search algorithms that try to cater more to a user’s personal taste is to follow a tried and true model of creating quality content, then using social media to distribute this content across the web.   Businesses have, or should, be using Facebook to both reach out to new clients and keep in touch with their base. The new Facebook timeline will give businesses a platform to highlight their new content and convey their business information to a global audience.

Facebook timeline allows its users to include context with their content.  The most notable feature about Facebook timeline is the eponymous timeline that starts at the top of the screen in present day and scrolls down the page and into the past.  The posts that a user has made appear in chronological order on the timeline.  Each post is a new piece of content; it gains context from both the highly visual and interactive way that the date is displayed and the posts that surround it on the timeline.

Before a user browsing a business’s Facebook page get a chance to scroll down the timeline, they will see the cover that the business has used to display its most relevant information.

This is the Boston Web Marketing Facebook timeline cover.  We have included our logo, our name and our game, a quick description of our services, the number of likes that our page has received, a video of our fearless leader, and it is all set a photo of the lovely Lewis Wharf where we work.  Check us out here.  It lets our visitors know exactly what we are all about.  Facebook has given businesses the ability to personalize their pages; businesses now have the ability, or possibly responsibility, to produce clean and useable Facebook timelines.  If they do that, then users will respond to the high quality content appearing in an information-rich context by sharing what they like, and helping your business get found.

– Andrew Wise

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